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Visit us if you don’t have 90 min for a haircut! No booking!

Top quality

Mind-blogging speed

Fun atmosphere

Gentlemen's salon

What's a barbery like? It's like this...

Special services, special quality

Taste the atmosphere of REDS and get a perfect haircut!

Fast haircut

Men today don’t have time to stand in line for a haircut. Fortunately they don’t even have to!


The country’s first barbery where high speed meets high quality.

Minőségi szakálligazítás REDS Budapest férfi fodrászat

You can find us anytime in the heart of the city of Budapest!

Professional Beard Treatment

Professionals with experience and knowledge are cutting edge-cutting hairs here!

“All you’ve gotta do is to come by and enjoy the REDS experience.”

Our little story

it’s all about the style

As a hairdresser I’ve always knew what my guests needed. I knew that men need a place with a lovely atmosphere, some place to relax.

Kerem Köse
Kerem Köse
Fast, cheap and quality service
White Man X
White Man X
Tetszik, jól nyírnak. De ha már nagyon emlegetik a motorosokat az üzlet felületén, és az üzletben is motoros cuccok vannak. Akkor jó lenne ha legalább minimum 2-3 darab sisak tartó is lenne, vagy ilyesmi. A motorosok látogatására még nem készültek fel.
Ophir Levi
Ophir Levi
Great haircut for a fair price. A quick and a good work.
Robert Velencei
Robert Velencei
Gyorsak , nagyon ügyesek🙂
Tibor Drenkovics
Tibor Drenkovics
Remek hely 🙂 Gyors, azt kapod amit szeretnél 🙂 Biztos visszajövök még 🙂

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