This is our story

We needed a place..

We needed a place where men can get modern haircuts without standing in line for hours.

Reds Budapest Férfi Gyorsfodrászat

You want professionalism with fun attitude? This is the place.

We are all hairdressers, but the same hard-working, tired, busy men and this is why we had that problem as we couldn’t find a great place for a quick hairdressing or beard cut. All the places we have been before, we had to wait for hours, and a man also can’t describe what’s in his mind to a woman hairdresser also. Guys can understand each other easier.

This is how our ‘quick hair salon – for men’ idea has come to our mind. The idea of REDS was born! This is the right place where you can come in right before your date; where you can run for a quick help with your hairstyle after you wake up in the morning ;or if you have an important meeting during the day and you have to look fresh. This place is all about chilling, and professionalism. This is REDS!

We have opened our salon in 2017. It was the first ‘quick hair salon’ in Budapest. In the beginning we took the focus on the time (to be as fast as we can), besides the excellent quality. Today, we have reached the first goal, and now we are focusing on fast & professional work for men.

Come in, try it out, speak of us. Live through and enjoy the atmosphere of REDS!

How a day looks like at Reds: